If are looking for a way to improve your gum and oral health, look to OraCare. OraCare is a preventative measure for people dealing with the symptoms of periodontal disease and other oral issues. It can often replace fluoride as a way to repair the enamel and treat tooth sensitivity. Learn more about OraCare today by calling 906-228-9070!


This oral cleanse system was developed by dental professionals and can help with many different issues. With OraCare rinses, patients can manage:

  • Bad breath
  • Periodontal issues
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Buildup from tobacco products
  • A tongue that is coated yellow or white
  • Dry mouth


The OraCare system uses activated chlorine to clean the mouth. To keep the chlorine in a liquid state, the products are kept separate in two bottles until used. When ready to use, patients will combine the two products, wait for them to activate and use them to rinse out the mouth. OraCare is safe to use with many different patients, even those with periodontal disease. If you would like to find out how this treatment can help your smile, come and visit us. Patients can meet with our dentist at our practice’s office. During their visit, Dr. James Jackson can go over and plan your OraCare treatment in Marquette, Michigan. Contact us today!